Thursday, 10 September 2009

To read, to write, to tea.

I’ve just finished Sense and Sensibility, a wonderful book! It’s certainly among others in my top 3 Jane Austen books; and I look forward to start, next vacation, reading the others three ones. Unfortunately, next week my duty, or better saying, my duties call and will have no time for passtime such as reading nice things. My mind will be gain compenatrate in Law and study; and the funniest and nicest activieties that will have will be chats with friends and quicks and rare “goings-outs”. But I cannot complain much! I HAVE TO STUDY, otherwise, my hapiness wont be complete and fulfilled. This las vacatiion was quite nice indeed. It was long, oddly extended, i’ve traveled, i’ve taken part in a different activiety, Sionu, i’ve gone to the movies more the once and I was able to finished 2 pending books, that were Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Sense and Sensibility. It’s a pity, however that i could not finished ALL the books, in order to feel myself relivied, or to study more for CAE. In fact CAE is being a problem to be be concerned about, for i still dont feel confortable enough with my English for this level of Cambridge examinaation. And there are only tow months left!!!


SIONU 07-SET-09 - S&S AUSTEN 011


But everything will end up well, as it always does.

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